A Maroon Hog’s Rebel Frog

SOU Percussion Ensemble

The Rebel Frog Goes Dancing 

SOU Percussion Ensemble, ft. Jeff Richmond

The Shady Lady & The Rebel Frog 

SOU Percussion Ensemble, ft. Tessa Brinkman

The Rebel Frog Wassails – Bryan Jeffs

SOU Percussion Ensemble


Contactual Constellations – Bryan Jeffs

SOU Graduate Percussion Group, ft. Steven Schick

 Graffiti from the 5th Movement of a Tactical Muffin Engine

Left Edge Percussion ft. Terry Longshore and Ivan Manzanilla

Boom – Terry Longshore and Brett Reed

Bryan Jeffs and Terry Longshore


30 – Mark Applebaum

SOU Percussion Ensemble

The premiere performance of “30” by Mark Applebaum. Performed by Terry Longshore and the Southern Oregon University Percussion Ensemble. “30” consists of three simultaneous autonomous pieces (which may be played individually or together): “The First Decade” for solo percussion; “The Second Decade” for percussion quartet; and “The Third Decade” for percussion septet. Conducted by Bryan Jeffs.