Welcome to The Rebel Frog’s Workshop!


Make yourself at home, have a look around! The Rebel Frog’s Workshop specializes in art, music and various creative endeavors. I have a passion for finding lost, forgotten and neglected things and giving them a second life as something beautiful or useful. Wherever possible, I utilize materials such as scrap and salvaged wood, old canvases, various junk and whatever else comes my way.

Items listed in the galleries below are for sale, or examples of what I can make to order. I’m always open for commissions as well. If you see something you’re interested in or think I can make something for you, shoot me an email!

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you! – Bryan


For your wall, garden or anywhere else you’d like.


Sheet music and graphic scores.


Musical instruments and other noisemakers.

Contact me for purchases and commissions!

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