Vic Firth Drumsticks and Mallets

What You May Find in the Stick Bag:

Drumset: LB Legacy Brush, AS8D American Sound 8D, AJ5 American Jazz 5
Marimba: Robert Van Sice Series
Timpani: Tim Genis Series



Remo Drumheads

On The Drums:

Snare Batters/Resonant: Skyntone or Coated Ambassador, Clear Diplomat
Tom Batters/Resonant: Vintage Emperor, Clear Diplomat
Timpani: Renaissance Hazy

In My Hands:

Almost Everything! But a few of my favorites are the Pre-Tuned Frame Drums, Daff, Dayereh, Pre-Tuned Tars,
Tambouriq and Tablatones



Black Swamp Percussion

As a proud member of the Black Swamp Percussion Educator’s Network I use a variety of BSP instruments.

Since I bought my first SoundArt Series Snare Drum in 2002 as an undergrad, I’ve been hugely impressed with BSP’s sound quality, durability and versatility.  When I need to purchase instruments for my music programs, I know where to look first!