Welcome to Rebel Frog Music!

Rebel Frog Music currently offers select scores, in digital format, free of charge to interested musicians. I only ask a few things in return:

  • Please do not copy or share my music with anyone else, but rather refer them to me for another free copy.
  • Please do notify me of upcoming  performances including date, time, and location so I can post on my site.
  • Send me a program from every event (email or hard copy) so that I can submit to BMI

Email me at rebelfrogmusic@gmail.com if you are interested in any of the currently available scores.  Check back often for new music.  Thanks!

The following scores are currently available.  For more information about the pieces, please visit the audio and video sites linked below:

  • A Maroon Hog’s Rebel Frog
  • Aggregate Remixes
  • Collective Resonance
  • Graffiti from the 5th Movement of a Tactical Muffin Engine
  • Midnight by the Rogue
  • The Rebel Frog Goes Dancing
  • The Shady Lady and the Rebel Frog
  • Whiskey Variations

Selected Compositions