The Rebel Frog’s Workshop – Music

The works listed below are currently available in digital format only. Check back often as I will make more pieces available soon! Thanks!

Small Ensemble Works

Are you a fan of Kesha? Me too! This exciting trio takes rhythms from some of her best known songs to create a hard dancing groove-fest!

Midnight by the Rogue
Inspired by late nights in rural Southern Oregon, this meditative percussion Quintet draws upon silence, space and sudden violent outbursts.

Graffiti from the 5th Movement of a Tactical Muffin Engine
For percussion Sextet and 2 percussion soloists. This challenging, but fun and quirky ensemble tune is sure to be an audience favorite!

Whiskey Variations
2-3 percussionists and narrator. A contemporary version of the classic folk song.

Large Ensemble Works

Collective Resonance
For 8 large singing bowls. An ambient sonic landscape, created with help from the audience!
Coming Soon!

A Maroon Hog’s Rebel Frog
The original, the one and only… the birth of the Rebel Frog! Greasy-groovy licks with room for interpretation and open solos.

The Rebel Frog Goes Dancing
The Rebel Frog Returns! This time with more instruments, and a guest soloist. Funky dance rhythms from around the world collide in this large ensemble work.

The Shady Lady and the Rebel Frog
Has the Rebel Frog met his match? Possibly… his encounter with an enigmatic soloist leaves him shaken in this conclusion to the Rebel Frog trilogy of large percussion ensemble works.

Graphic Works

All graphic scores are $20 for digital copies and $40 for prints (available soon)

3 Movements for Recital Hall
A nightmare come to life. Or, at least your performance space. Scored for common elements found in a recital hall.
Available Soon

Aggregate Remixes
For 1-21 players. Written to be realized in a digital setting, though it can be done live.

An award-winning new work for solo vibraphone. 9 pages of vibrant gestures, to be realized at the performer’s discretion.
Available Soon

Lines, lines, everywhere are lines… what do they mean? That’s up to you and a friend!
Available Soon

Kennedy Scribbles
Written to celebrate the birth of my niece Kennedy. A square shaped “staff”, filled with notations inspired by the drawing of children.

Mr. Muir’s Garden
Commissioned by Sean Muir. Best described as an “alien flower bouquet”, to be realized at the performer’s discretion.

Melodic #1
Written for Mitchell Carlstrom. Striking colors, bold notations with a hint of melodic ideas to play with.

Quarantine Scores #1-5
A good, short form introduction to graphic notation. 5 short pieces, to be realized at the performer’s discretion.

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All scores are available in digital format only. Prints for graphic scores will be available soon.