Aggregate Remixes

Aggregate Remixes is a sonic collaboration designed to create music while working remotely and independent of one another, and also being able to use whatever “instruments” are at hand, traditional or otherwise. Each performer records their own interpretation of a brief graphic score from a collection of 21 different scores, each designed to be 60″ in length. Then each performer takes the aggregate submissions and arranges them all together by selecting the order in which they’re heard and how they’re layered on top of each other. This results in multiple unique remixes of all the individual recordings. Each performer involved gets to take on the additional roles of interpreter, composer, arranger and producer.

  • Aggregate Remixes (Bryan Jeffs Remix)

  • Aggregate Remixes (Nightmare Fuel Remix)

  • Aggregate Remixes (Maximum Duration Remix)

  • Aggregate Remixes (Gabriel Nordquist-Palmer Remix)